With the ultimate sorrow, we have made the gut wrenching decision to close Ya Ya's Comfort Food. The decision was made on dwindling finances and a taxing of our family dynamic, of which the latter is the most paramount in our decision process.

The past year we have tried to deal with the Pandemic, hurricanes and the closing of the Sauve Bridge, but to no avail. We often wondered what was next: Sharknado or a locust invasion. We have truly tried to keep fighting but have come to the conclusion, it is time.

We would like to thank all of our suppliers, our landlord, our electricians and plumbers, our web team and all others who have helped us stay working. A big thanks to our small staff who have been a joy to work with and we have enjoyed coming to know you and your families.

Last but not least, to our loyal customers, especially our weekend FAITHFUL, a heartfelt THANKS!!! It has been a privilege to serve you, to get to know you and spend our weekends together.

We truly feel like you are part of our family now. We will see you soon down the highway, in Breaux Mart or at Home Depot! Thanks for everything, you all are the best!!!

See you down the road,
Brian Mullins